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Change in recognition
Curated by Hamed Dehqan

Elham kazemi, Mmm, Mehdi Parsi, Bahareh Seyedi, Amin Yazdi, Maryam Zomorodian

2017 Arte Gallery

Change in recognition

In this exhibition, six artists have tried to present some contemporary life experiences linked with various different media and to reach for a shared narrative in an unshared structure, this structure have been put in a narrative structure that is expanded a multi fold content and ignites the curiosity of the audiences to the internal relationships of the works, the resulting interactions has an effort to read out a concept which make the title of this exhibition. “Change in recognition” is a meaning that is dependent to recognition but after the effusion and revising it becomes possible.

The presented works in this exhibition have not been collected based on a shared text, but they have resulted through the prowl in the living space of different artists. The process have started by asking how this shared topic have come into being and what was considered from the beginning was the fact that how human relations and shared interactions between each other can lead to an exhibition.


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